Thursday, March 4, 2010



Am I the problem here,
In a world of dreams shattered,
Is it my own fault?

I feel like I've lost direction,
this world fucking scares me,
the unkown is so unkind,
unaware but understanding,

do i accept this?


her voice lingers, the echo of the highest point,
but how a chasm can seperate even the strongest of hearts,
and after all the travel, strength has faded,
is there hope for anyone, when this world can separate, isolate and navigate us,
is this future as fucked as it truly seems,
carry on walking kid, homes a stones throw away,
but in this reality theres no gravity keeping us down,
yet we power through as though each steps our last,
we inhale and exhale the precious life we have,
we flood the world in our sorrows when the time may be,
but we adapt and change hoping to never fucking break,
humanity is flawed, perhaps we were always broken.


highs and lows,
come and go,
youll never love again,
the voice in your head,
spells out your defeat,
you hide away but never alone,
emotion fucking stalks,
there is no escape,
no chance to fucking breathe,
to dwell on memories,
well fuck that.


I dont want to be a man who cannot escape a past,
whats done is fucking done and what can be done cannot be so much as imagined,
my own fucking future is down to my own fucking mind, my own fucking hands,

i hold nothing in this world, i am always alone,
this is not isolation this is fact,
my mind is secluded from every other being that makes this harsh population,
my will will not bend it will not break,
no matter what pressure it under goes i will not give in,

my mind is stronger than my heart but still it beats on,
these lungs are not ready to drain the air i fucking breath,
the only thing thats is dead to me is what used to fucking be,
i can only try to be a better, stronger man,
if not for me then for this cold fucking world.


bitter and blunt,
bitter and sweet,
but always bitter.

i hate you, i hate this, i hate me,
i hate to hate but its all i feel,
ive never trusted so much,
or opened up like this,
i hate that i did,
i gave you me in all honesty,
all entirity, i was yours,
where the fuck was my piece of you.


I'm a ghost among men,
A living shadow,
Lost in a world,
He does not belong,
I show no reflection,
Just an empty frame,
A mirror image,
Of whats left inside,
Each blow deadly,
Upon an untame heart.

so this is what me and peter are getting up to
keen to record it all

its a spiral of emotions
after everything you feel less of a person
hence the title
and all the tracks being something-less

whats expressed is how ive felt at certain points
often in a moment
somethings that have been said i do not feel at this point in time
its merely a representation of what was felt in the moment of occurance

my head is fucked
so yeah you can probs tell by all this

note:its not in order yet, it isnt complete

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